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I am a New York based actress who considers myself very fortunate to have had the opportunity to do what I love my entire adult life. The bonds I have made in every production have continued to grow and many have turned into long lasting friendships.


After being a well known commercial actor in Florida, I felt I wanted to be able to create and develop my characters more thoroughly through theatrical pursuits.


 I was lucky to have my film career jumpstarted thanks to being cast in a role opposite Michael Rapport ("Sully", "The Heat") in the feature film "Ill Town" and then went on to be cast in a supporting role by director Sean Anders (Daddy's Home","Dumb and Dumber To")  in the feature film "Sex Drive". I also had the opportunity to become accustomed to set life while standing in for the ("Miss Congeniality", "Gravity") star Sandra Bullock on "The Heat". 

After continually striving to improve and learn my craft

I was privileged to be cast in two back to back award

winning series. In 2016 and 2017 we won LA Web Fest's

 "Outstanding Ensemble Cast" award for both 

"Family Problems"and "Girl in the Attic." I was also incredibly

honored to be nominated for Best Supporting Actress for

my role as Shelby in "The Girl in the Attic" Angel Awards 2017.


 I am happy with what I bring to the table of any new 

production. No matter how I try I can't seem to get a smile

off my face when I am working, I love what I do and I feel

that positive energy is contagious.  I am also fortunate to have an extensive network of friends in not only the New York Market, but New England and Florida as well. This allows me to able to help with promoting any production I am in, especially smaller independent films to get them better known.  I love to see the productions I work with grow in popularity and support. Hope to work with you and to help your project reach its full potential in the very near future!

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